The 15-Minute Content Campaign Audit Template

Aug 9, 2016      By Aaron Agius

The world of content marketing moves fast. There’s a lot to do to keep a campaign running smoothly, including creating content, researching audiences, and engaging with audiences on social media. With a lot of pressure to perform a wide variety of different jobs every day, it can be easy to overlook changes that can be […]

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How the Pros Track Conversions and ROI With These Content Marketing Metrics

Aug 4, 2016      By Aaron Agius

Is your content making a solid return on your investment? I know it’s not always possible to clearly measure how much money content marketing efforts make when compared with how much they cost to produce and distribute, and that it’s difficult to track what content leads to conversion. That said, I’ve found that, with some […]

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Starting from Scratch: What to Do When Your Content Campaign Fails

Aug 2, 2016      By Aaron Agius

History is littered with people who failed at their passion. Walt Disney Steve Jobs Abraham Lincoln Each of these losers flopped, getting fired from their dream jobs, seeing their businesses collapse or losing out for the US presidency, respectively. The thing that made these names famous, though, wasn’t their failures – it was the fact […]

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