Structured Data & Feeds

Improve Web Performance with Structured Data & Feeds

Structured data and feeds aren’t some of the more glamorous aspects of SEO, but if you don’t get them right, your search performance could suffer as a result. Keep the following opportunities top-of-mind:

Digital Consultancy

Improve SEO performance by giving the search engines the information needed to display rich snippets in the SERPs.

Brand Marketing

Structured data may help improve your site’s chances of being included in one of Google’s Knowledge Graph boxes.

Performance Monitoring

Giving the search engines more information to understand your site may result in higher rankings for SEO keywords.

Traffic Analytic

Being included in the results of these often-surfaced programs requires properly optimized structured data.

Conversion Optimization

Reach Google Shopping success with optimized data feeds that include critical information about your products.

Social Tracking

Optimize your ecommerce product data feeds to minimize product display errors and SEO issues that could prevent you from ranking.

Performance Monitoring Tool

Diagnosing Structured Data & Feed Problems

Many website owners aren’t even aware that their sites use structured data or feeds – let alone that problems might exist with them. So how can you tell if your site has an issue? Possible signs include products that are importing into your ecommerce store incorrectly, your site’s absence from relevant search results pages and a lack of rich snippets, compared to your competitors.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your site is facing a structured data or feed problem, reach out to a professional for assistance. If left unchecked, problems with your site’s structured data or feeds can result in reduced visibility online, lower click-through rates from the organic search results and lost revenue.


Technical SEO with Louder.Online

Let’s face it. Making sure your structured data and feeds are correctly set up and optimized probably isn’t high on your list of priorities. That is, until problems with these critical site elements prevent your site from performing correctly or from ranking the way it should in the organic search results.

Leave your technical SEO needs to the expert team at Louder.Online. In our 11+ year history, we’ve developed the advanced expertise and technical knowledge required to identify the best structured data and feed options for your site, as well as to implement them correctly.

Need Help with Structured Data & Feeds?

The team of experts at Louder.Online is standing by to make sure your ecommerce website is earning the rankings, traffic and sales it deserves.

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