The Evolution of ‘Not Provided’ [Infographic]

It’s happened.

Over the last few weeks the SEO and online marketing industry went in to a mini melt down as Google took a massive leap towards 100% ‘not provided’ keywords.

It’s been happening for years.  Google have stated that for privacy reasons, they are moving forward towards not reporting on keyword data from organic search.

We have had plenty of clients hearing the news and sending email’s across trying to find out what it all means, so we decided to put together this infographic to try to clear up some of the confusing information that surrounds the topic.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback and if you think there is anything missing from the infographic, let me know in the comments.

Also – what steps are you taking to ensure good clear, actionable insights on your traffic and analytics, now that keywords data is being stripped away from us all?


Google Not Provided